Baby Shower is Coming

I believe we've settled on August 30th for Abby's baby shower. How exciting! If you read about my day with Abby, you know we looked at the baby clothes she's already received. There's something about baby clothes that gives people a sense of hope.

Abby's registered at Babies 'R Us if you need any ideas. While looking online I found a pair of Rubis baby clippers that look really cool (even in a little elephant package). (Just another idea if you need one!)

I spent the afternoon at Heather's trying to download a cover and pics to create a neat book of my own publishing with What a deal. I went there because she has high-speed internet and I hoped to be able to accomplish my first book. Unfortunately, I was never able to get it done. Must be too many people trying to do it at the same time. Bummer!

Oh well, that's the way the ball bounces, huh? It's pretty humid out today (actually, it's humid in the house...outside under the trees with the wind blowing, it feels pretty good). Hope you all stay cool! Halfmoon


Heather said...

I'm hoping it doesn't rain tonight! We need to settle on a time too for her shower, and a location definitely. I'm starting to think that shelter where we had Thanksgiving dinner because it's inside, in case it rains.