Celebrating This Weekend

Well today marked 31 years of marriage for Steve and I! Of course he got off work at 5 AM this morning and slept until 1 PM or so, at which time I layed down and slept until 3:30. By then Steve was gone to the Y and then on to work. 5 PM until 5AM again. Hopefully next week Steve will be on days again. I didn't mind the nights when he got off at 1. That changed to 3 and now they want them to work until the job is done.

Back to our anniversary, thus the reason we are celebrating on the weekend. I thought maybe we should sign up for wireless for the computers. You know, the gift that keeps on giving! It can't be much more than what we're paying for our home phone and the cost of the internet that we have now (slow dial-up).

Steve was thinking more in line of going somewhere nice. Maybe we should stay in one of those theme rooms, wear renaissance clothing, you know, something out of the everyday thing.

Who knows what we'll do, but I'll keep you posted. Halfmoon