It's a Teddy Graham!

I went with Heather today for her first ultrasound of the baby. They do it right in the OB office to make sure the baby is viable. I wasn't sure what we'd see since she isn't real far along yet. Pato stayed home with the other three kids which was good since there wasn't a lot of room to stand or move around in the exam room.

Before you knew it, there on the screen was the tiny sac the baby was in. Next we saw a very tiny heart beating like crazy! We even saw one little leg or foot sticking out. It was so cute. The nurse said, "At this stage the baby is about the size and shape of a Teddy Graham." How adorable. And, yes, she was correct. It was shaped similar to that little graham cracker cookie my grandkids love.

There's nothing like seeing your grandchild before it is born. This will be grandchild number nine for Steve and I. Who'd have thought! I just love being a grandma! I can just see this one with its gift from Pato. He bought the two girls each a gold bracelet with their name on it when they were small. Maybe this time he will get a gold anklet, who knows. Of course, if it's a boy, it will have to be a gold chain (necklace) like he got Jordan.

Stay tuned for further reports. Halfmoon