Camels and Ostrichs

Have you ever seen a jockey ride an ostrich? It is the most hilarious site I've ever seen. Heather, her kids, and I went to Prairie Meadows to watch the camels and ostrichs run. What a hoot! Heather's still trying to figure out what the jockeys held on to in order to stay on the ostrich (those few that did). Was it reins or just feathers???

One jockey was tossed off right out of the starting gate. Then a couple more found the ground before too long. The ostrichs legs look so funny when they run (actually, when they walk too). They won't let you bet on the camel or ostrich races. I probably would have had better luck on them than on the horses. I'm always betting on the one with the highest odds. You know, like 30/1 cause then you'd win big money. LOL because those horses never win! Needless to say, none of my horses won (shock!).

Heather bought a race track form then asked me if I had a pen. Where are those bic pens when you need them? Since everything falls to the bottom of my purse, I had to dig for a while but finally came up with one that was a little linty but still worked. After writing down our picks, Heather would place our bets while I stayed with the kids.

The kids, that's another story! I probably would have been less worn out had I made the bets and let Heather stay with the sweetpeas. I think I just get too nervous and that's what wears me out. I had Alyce in the stroller and had to make sure she wasn't climbing out. Kat kept climbing up on the fence and I was sure she'd loose her footing and cut her chin on the top of it. Jordan and some unidentified kids were really interested in something down in a grate (I could just see somebody's fingers getting pinched or crushed if the grate fell on them).

See what I mean? I'm neurotic I think. Are all grandmas like that? Anyway, then Heather would come back and I could relax again. Heather did all the running so I wouldn't have to walk far or stand in line. My back is getting more painful as the nerve blocks are wearing off. Heather really takes care of me, I love her so much!

Well, we had a delightful night, the kids didn't get hurt too badly, and we ate out together where Pato works for free. It was grand! I think I slept better that night because I was worn out. Speaking of being worn out, I got up a little after 5 this morning and am ready for a nap now. Have a good one! Halfmoon


Heather said...

5 in the morning? you should have had chocolate ice cream with me for breakfast! LOL

You must be where I get it from. Pato always is telling me I worry too much about the kids. I always look at the worst that could happen and adjust to that. ROFL I was sure Kat would fall over the fence and get run over by a camel. LOL

I love you!