Celebrating Taylor's Tenth Bday

Although Taylor had a skating party yesterday with her friends and two cousins, today the rest of the family and her neighbors will be honoring her in celebration of her 10th birthday! We will be meeting at Taylor's place and having the ritual food and family fest!

It sure doesn't seem like it has been that long since that rainy night when she came into the world. I remember well, driving through the torrent trying to follow Josh and Shelley to Iowa Lutheran Hospital for the blessed event. I was to be allowed in the room until the birth was imminent and then I would go to the lobby lounge for the actual event.

I joined Josh in the room and, as the pains became more difficult, Shelley became more verbal. I took Jay aside and told him to try and help her gain control of the pain by the breathing exercises. He didn't want to make her even more angry by suggesting it. I knew I stood little chance of success, simply being Joshua's mom made little difference. Finally, a little old nurse came in the room and took control.

All of us mothers know how painful those last hours of labor are (or atleast those who had to go through labor without the new epidurals). When I compare the difference between Carter and Taylor's births, I am amazed. It's too bad they didn't have them back during our time!

When the birth was imminent, I was thrust into being the left stirrup and at that point Shelley didn't care who was in the room. Tay was born with the cord wrapped around her neck and her lips were already turning blue. Dr. Holcomb did a quick figure 8 type of move with the baby and the cord was away from the neck and Holcomb handed her to the nurse for oxygen to be placed over her face. Taylor immediately pinked up (both lips and face) and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Now that little baby is 10 years old, man! She was the first grandchild we had and at the time, Jay and Shelley lived with us so I was blessed with being there 24/7. I loved it! Since Josh was in the Marines by then, he went off to duty and Shelley and Tay stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. My only regret back then is that Shelley's mom didn't live to see Taylor. I think Shell was six months along when her mother died. It was very sad.

Abby has to work today so it will be Heather's family and Steve and I, unless Stevie convinces Angie to change their plans today. We had originally planned this for 1:00 and thus Stevie wouldn't be able to come as Angie works till 3:30 or after. I hope they are able to make it.

Still haven't won the powerball so, thus far, no need for getting a passport. I'm keeping my hopes up though! Halfmoon