Steve started working days yesterday! We both are happy about it. Now, how to get back in the correct sleep mode (instead of staying up late at night). He ended up falling asleep in his chair last night.

Linda came over last night and we watched America's Got Talent. Linda is a very good friend that I've known since before Abby was born. She was the nurse to my doctor at the time of my pregnancy. We became so close that she actually went with us to the hospital for Abigail's birth. She's been like a second mother for Abby.

Back to last night's show, I was getting very angry when a gentleman was singing and the crowd was booing. His vocal cords had been cut 11 years previously and he was told to concentrate on learning to speak again and forget ever singing. The song he sang was a slow one and it spoke of the Lord lifting him up. He had a beautiful voice and the song was very touching. Halfway through the song the crowd stopped what they'd been doing and started cheering and chanting 'Vegas'.

The man was near tears and even the judges were shocked by the change in the crowd. I felt like crying just listening to him. Needless to say, he's going to Vegas. Watching him was worth all the pain we had to go through watching worthless acts. I wish we had a big flat screen TV and home theater lighting. Wouldn't it be grand?

It will be a hot one out there today, try to stay cool! Halfmoon