Linda Comes Over Tonight

This is Tuesday, again, and I cannot wait till evening comes.  Linda and I get together each week to visit and she gives me my allergy shots while she is here.  She is my best friend.

We will watch 'Raising Hope' together and then will watch a DVD (probably 'Everybody Loves Raymond') and just sit and visit.  Linda normally brings a cross-stitch project to work on and I crochet on the current afghan I'm working on.  Right now it is Carter's red and blue afghan.  I just finished Alyce's rainbow colored afghan.

Steve will probably be working on Friday night's Bible Study for the assisted living ladies.  He uses a white board for his notes.  We really need to look into whiteboard mount deals to really spruce up our presentation.

This Friday night Taylor, and maybe Jordan, will be giving their testimonies to the ladies.  I am very excited to see how that comes out.  We're still trying to get a microphone so we don't have to strain our voices talking loud enough for the women to hear.

All in all, it will be a fun night and week to come.  Have a great week!

More Pics

This is a pic of Kayla beginning her somersault.  She is so cute and had to try to do everything the big kids did.

Here is Sydney doing a front flip (I think).  You can see Heather and Taylor in the background.

We had so much fun watching our grandkids show off their acrobatic feats.  When time came to eat, everyone was hungry and appreciated all the array of food offered.

Sunday Supper

Sunday at around 4:30 PM, Josh called me and asked if we'd made supper plans yet.  Since we hadn't, I started getting excited and then Josh invited us to have it with them.  I asked what they were having and he answered, "cavatelli".  Yum.  Shelley had made it before leaving and it would be ready any time.

I called Steve and asked if he wanted to meet me at Josh's to eat and he agreed, after asking what we should bring.  I called Jay back and he said just to bring something for us to drink if we didn't want iced tea or water.  Calling Steve again, we decided he'd pick up a package of salad premade and Ranch dressing.

I let Jay know we'd bring salad and dressing and he asked me if I wanted to get the DVD '2016' again.  That way Shelley and Steve would be able to see it.  Then I really got excited as I think everyone needs to see that movie before voting.  It's actually a documentary about President Obama, his book 'Dreams From My Father', and his years leading up to the presidency.

We watched the movie after eating and paused it a lot to discuss what we'd seen.  Voting night is eight days from today.  After everyone votes and the new president is selected, I believe we all need to concentrate on our finances and investments.

It is important to get our priorities in order to insure our children and grandchildren are not paying the cost of this country's debt.  Do you have your finances in order?

Last Thanksgiving

Yes, I know I'm behind.  I didn't upload my pics from my camera until a couple weeks ago.  This one has Shelley, Aiden, Abby, and Lavonda on the couch at heathers.  This was right before we ate (yum yum).

 Great pic of Steve if I hadn't gotten the light right.

Pato and Nano...looks like we've already eaten.

Syd and Tay posing for the camera.

 Jadah and Carter playing on toys.

Sydney doing a backbend (I could just hear my bones crunch).

Hurricane Sandy

Wow, the east coast is really getting hammered.  Hurricane Sandy is getting ready to land.  Not only, that, there is a winter storm that will collide with it and those areas may get fourteen to fifteen inches of snow.

With all the draught the Midwest had this summer, it is amazing that the east coast is getting either water or snow in a tremendous storm.  MidAmerican Energy from Iowa has already arrived in the areas that are having lines go down, to help them out.  There are 3/4 of a million people without power thus far.

I cannot even imagine living in the area that is being so hard hit.  We have our tornadoes, they have their hurricanes.  With all that going on, in Manhattan there is a large crane has been knocked over (on top of a large apartment building) and is dangling.  The winds were gusting up to 40 mph, tonight the winds will gust up to 70 to 80 mph.

Please pray for those in the storm area and the area where the crane is as it could become a missile if it is knocked off that building.  I wonder if there are any pipe clamps in this area.

The New York bridges are closed, the trains and subways are shut down, it must be a catastrophe there if the people did not evacuate.

Your prayers are needed!

Is This Fun Or What

The pic above is Alyce doing the splits.  Man, I cannot do that.

This is Thanksgiving at Heather's house.  Not a good pic of Aiden, but Shelley looks great.

 Josh normally doesn't let me get a good shot of him, but I like this one of Jay and Cambria.

I'm so far behind in posting the pictures I've taken, it's ridiculous.

Friday With Steve II

Steve and I have been spending Fridays together and it has been really great.  No matter what else we do, we go to Taco Bell for lunch (like the old days).

This Friday we went to my chiropractor appointment, then on to Taco Bell.  Yummy!  I don't think we did anything else after that except drove on to Steve's apartment.  He said he would go on in and start vacuuming the apartment (I'm allergic to cats and he has two).

I figured I'd take my time going in so he'd get the vacuuming done.  Great idea, right?  Wrong.  I made it fine down to the outside door of the building.  Opened the door, put my hand on the inside handle of the door, and stepped up with my left foot (right leg is weaker than the left).  As I stepped up, I put pressure on the door handle to help and the door started opening more and down I went. 

It took a while to get inside the building, but I finally made it.   I went down the stairs very carefully and into his apartment.  I told him what happened and he felt really bad.  Normally, he opens doors for me and helps me get inside.  He got out his BioFreeze and I put it on my him, knee, and neck.  Felt a little better after that.

He and Steve (Sr.) think it's my shoes that make me fall; but I've had them forever and haven't fallen for a couple years now.  I'll be more careful in the future.

More Pics

Not my favorite pic but it is one of the latest.

These two were at Abby's.  You can tell she was tired (so was Aiden).  The pic of Kayla has a shadow on it but it is a picture that caught one of her expressions.

Have a great day!

At Sue's

Tuesday I drove to Sue's (Council Bluffs) and spent the night.  We had a great time.  I rented the movie '2016'  and Sue, Walt, and I watched it together.

The beginning was slow, however, after the show goes on, you understand more because of what was in the first part.  I expected a move, but, it was more of a documentary typed show.  Everything in it was real, not actors playing parts.

After watching it, we discussed everything we'd seen and I suggest everyone watch this movie before voting.  I especially encouraged my son and his wife to watch it as they were not leaning towards my point of view.

I think the person who created this film deserves the fantasy football championship trophyNo seriously, I wouldn't doubt it if this show made an oscar.

Have you seen any good shows lately?

A Few Pics

I finally got the pictures off my camera and onto my computer.  Thought I'd share a few here.

These three are from Kayla's birthday party.

All The Accidents On Our Road

I'm sure I've written before about all the accidents that have been on our road.  Heather, Steve II, and Josh were in a bad one when Josh was 16.  Abby was in one with two of her friends.  Then, Abby was in one by herself which was so bad the Sheriff after he saw Abby's car, it was a miracle she made it out alive. Then a neighbor (down the road, was killed when his truck went off the road.  There was also a time when we were on vacation when Abby couldn't get her seatbelt off and every time we tried to fix it, it got tighter until she had trouble breathing.  That was a rental car.  Steve ended up using a pair of fingernail clippers to cut it off her.

Since Abby's accidents happened, she has been terrified driving on our road and on gravel anywhere else.  She had a fear  of being trapped in the car.  Finally, I bought her a seatbelt cutter.  I got me one, too.

It also can break the window so you can get out if the window won't roll down.  Times are scary these days.  I remember hearing about a woman whose car went into a river and she couldn't get the window down, she actually died because of it.

I recommend everyone get one of these because you're better safe than sorry.

Steve and Girls Came Over

Yesterday, Steve II, Syd, and Jadah came out to grill steaks.  I always love it when my family comes to our place.

The food was fantastic, once again.  Plus, I didn't have to cook (woo hoo).  I was sick all morning (stomach problem) and felt slightly better by the time they got here.

Did I mention they raked leaves so the girls could jump in them?  Except for the two piles, you couldn't tell the yard had been raked.  The rain and winds brought tons of more leaves down this morning.

Ok, Steve and Syd did the raking.  Jadah mainly watched and jumped in them.

Have a great day!

It Says It's 70

The thermometer says it is 70 degrees, however, it has rained all night and some of the morning and there's a slight chill in the air.

I really dread winter coming as I do not like the cold weather.   I think I need to get something warmer to wear this year.

Saturday I went to Josh's for bar-b-que for supper.  There was chicken, steak, and ribs to choose from.  Steve II fixed me a plate of ribs and a salad and it was outstanding (as usual).  I sat at the table with Syd, Tay, Josh, and Shelley and we ate till we could eat no more.

Shelley made cookies after that, and I, of course, had to try them, too.  Yummy.  A while later, Shelley poured me some egg nog and I was truly sated.

Weather Changes

It's getting a little cooler (in the 60's now).  Our weather has been bizarre this summer.  I hope the winter is mild this year.  Everyone could use a break on the price of heating our homes.

Yesterday it was in the 70's and today it is the 60's (low).  Tonight is church and I am not feeling the greatest.  By the evening, though, I usually feel better.

What's your weather like?

I'm In the Living Room

Hallelujah!  I'm blogging in the living room!!!!!  We bought a new router today.  Steve asked me if I'd tried working on the computer in the living room since we got the Exede satellite.  No, I hadn't.

So here I am in the living room and it actually works.  We may take the new router back.....or we could open it and see if it makes it better????  What to do.

Last Saturday I arrived at Ab's at 3:45 PM to watch the kidlets while she went to their friend's wedding (Justin was in the wedding).

First off, after Kayla hid from me, Aiden came toddling over with his hands up.  I just love it when my grandkids love me!  Kayla and I played Chutes and Ladders for a while, and also watched Aiden play in Kayla's room.

After that, Aiden walked around holding Kayla's slippers that look like cars from that movie.  I took them outside for a while (backyard) to play and then in the house to make supper (yummy).  We had Chicken a la King over rice.  We all licked our bowls (not seriously, just I did), but the kids ate all of theirs, too.

When you are watching little ones, you start to think about finances and wills, etc.  You want to make sure your kids are taken care of if the worst happens to you.  I'm going to talk to Abby and Justin about annuity rates comparisons.  Never too soon to be looking around to secure your future.

I'd expected them to be home really late and they were home before midnight.  Awesome!  Until the next time, watch out for deer on the roads.

Week Three

Steve and I had our third week of doing a Bible study at his Mom's assisted living center.  It was awesome.  Another night with eight ladies.

It was based on Joseph, you know the lad who's father made him a coat of many colors.  It began with his brothers being jealous of him because his dad loved him best.  And ended with him being the person under Pharoah, to rule Egypt. 

Awesome story, great night!  May the Lord Bless you and keep you!

Singing the Computer Blues

So, do any of you live out in the country (boonies) like we do?  No cable, no dial-up, nothing except satellite.  Satellite, you say?  Isn't that supposed to be fast?  One would think so.  Not!

We used to have dial-up once upon a time when we had a home phone.  Then came the cell-phone phase.  Why do we need a home phone, when we both have cells?  So, we get rid of the dial-up and the home phone.  Guess what!  They no longer have dial-up in this area.

Can I tell you my computer is slow?  Well it is.  And I'm tired of it.  Sick and tired.  I now know the reason I cannot use my laptop in the living room.  We need a new router.  Yes, the one we have was given to us and it is old.  Must not be very strong.

Anyhoo, we will buy a new router; but, if the speed of my computer doesn't speed up soon, I may commit hari kari (sp?)  I thought about throwing this out the window, but it does work fast at my sister's house and the next door neighbors.  Guess I'll keep it.

It's Freezing Outside

Ok, the high today is 42 degrees....brrrrr.  And I thought 50 was cold.  Next week we may see the 60's again, I sure hope so.

Today we had a supposedly faster type of Wildblue installed.  In some parts it is faster, but in others it is the same speed, slow as dial-up.

We are going to get a new router and that is supposed to enable me to use my laptop in the living room.  Hurray! 

Hope you're warm where you are!

Christmas is Getting Closer

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  I have, but I tend to start in the summer.  I buy extra cleaning products for my kids from Melaleuca which I buy normally just for us.

One year, I decided to buy some for the kids.  I don't even know if the kids like it that I do this.  I've told each of them, if you don't like these products, I won't buy them for you.  No one has said anything about not liking it.

The hard part is finding places to store the things I buy until our Christmas Eve get together rolls around.  I used to buy sweatshirts and pants for the grandkids.  One time I bought  carhartt jackets for men for the guys.

Nowadays we give the kids a check for their whole families and let them buy the gifts themselves.  That way they know what their families need.  And we don't have to go shopping, which is hard on my back.

Remember, if you shop early, you don't have a painful month in December running around and putting out money all at once.

Part-time Jobs

AARP sent me a list of part-time jobs you can do from your home.  That sounds like something I would like to do.  Wouldn't anybody?

There are five types of jobs you can work at from home, from bookkeeping/accounting to being a sales rep or web strategist.  I'd like to find out what companies let you do customer service from your own home.

My line of work actually was in customer service.  My ideal job was training customer service reps.  Then, that company went out of business.  Drat!

I am going to check this out.  I'll keep you posted.


The weather is finally changing, it is getting a little chilly outside.  We've had pretty nice weather all summer.  Not the usual hot, hot, hot.  There was never enough rain.  The farmers had crops affected, everyone else had their grass go brown early.  As a matter of fact, everything happened early.  Acorns falling from the trees, leaves turning early, falling early, etc.

I have loved the nice weather as I was able to spend nearly every day reading outside (except for the few days it rained).  Even when it was hot, the wind made it bearable.

I've spent a little mad money on thing for myself, which is unusual.  The last massage I got was outstanding.  The music in the background made me feel like I was out of this world.  Hard to explain unless you've been there.

After I payed for the massage, I noticed a beautiful watch.  I bought it.  I don't know why.  I rarely wear watches and I have another one I bought sitting on the sink at home.   I've only worn the newest one one time. 

Heather loved my new watch, maybe I should give it to her.....can't decide.  Do you have anything you buy, even though you don't wear it, normally?  Just wondering if I'm the only one who makes these impulsive buys, or not.