A Memory from Home

When I was young, my mother used to make a dinner with tuna that we grew to love. She didn't use it with salmon because of the price, but when I started fixing it for my family, I replaced the tuna with salmon and it is devine! My kids love it and the boys fought over the bones in the tuna before I even heated the skillet. Now that everyone's moved out, I eat the bones myself! What a treat! Here's the recipe that I use:

2 cans Humpty Dumpty Salmon
2 large eggs
saltine crackers
salt and pepper to taste

Place the salmon in a large bowl. Add the eggs and stir until the egg is mixed through the salmon. Break up saltine crackers into small pieces and drop into the bowl. Mix in the crackers with the salmon/egg mixture until you see crackers everywhere. I never count the crackers, for two cans you probably use at least 3/4 of a pack of crackers. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Pour oil (I use canola) into a frying pan until it is at least half the height of the patties you are preparing. While the oil heats, I press the salmon mixture into patties that are the size of a hamburger. When the oil is hot, carefully place each patty into the pan using a spatula. Once the bottom of the patty is golden, carefully flip it over to cook the second side. When the patties are cooked golden on both sides, I place them on paper towels to absorb the excess oil.

These really are delicious. We serve bread and butter alongside the patties with a veggie. My husband likes to place the patty between the slices of bread and butter and eat it as a sandwich. I am allergic to most fish, so eating these salmon patties are a real treat. I cannot eat fresh salmon, but I bet using fresh salmon would not only be better, but the source would be known and the salmon would be local and a fresh catch.

Perhaps I should send my recipe to a Cook off. Entering a cook off would be fun and everyone needs more seafood in their diet. If you have any favorite spices or seasonings that would enhance my recipe, I encourage you to try it and reply back to me. Or you could send me favorite recipes of your own that you'd like to share. Have a great day, and remember to consider entering the cookoff! Halfmoon

Celebrating Taylor's Tenth Bday

Although Taylor had a skating party yesterday with her friends and two cousins, today the rest of the family and her neighbors will be honoring her in celebration of her 10th birthday! We will be meeting at Taylor's place and having the ritual food and family fest!

It sure doesn't seem like it has been that long since that rainy night when she came into the world. I remember well, driving through the torrent trying to follow Josh and Shelley to Iowa Lutheran Hospital for the blessed event. I was to be allowed in the room until the birth was imminent and then I would go to the lobby lounge for the actual event.

I joined Josh in the room and, as the pains became more difficult, Shelley became more verbal. I took Jay aside and told him to try and help her gain control of the pain by the breathing exercises. He didn't want to make her even more angry by suggesting it. I knew I stood little chance of success, simply being Joshua's mom made little difference. Finally, a little old nurse came in the room and took control.

All of us mothers know how painful those last hours of labor are (or atleast those who had to go through labor without the new epidurals). When I compare the difference between Carter and Taylor's births, I am amazed. It's too bad they didn't have them back during our time!

When the birth was imminent, I was thrust into being the left stirrup and at that point Shelley didn't care who was in the room. Tay was born with the cord wrapped around her neck and her lips were already turning blue. Dr. Holcomb did a quick figure 8 type of move with the baby and the cord was away from the neck and Holcomb handed her to the nurse for oxygen to be placed over her face. Taylor immediately pinked up (both lips and face) and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Now that little baby is 10 years old, man! She was the first grandchild we had and at the time, Jay and Shelley lived with us so I was blessed with being there 24/7. I loved it! Since Josh was in the Marines by then, he went off to duty and Shelley and Tay stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. My only regret back then is that Shelley's mom didn't live to see Taylor. I think Shell was six months along when her mother died. It was very sad.

Abby has to work today so it will be Heather's family and Steve and I, unless Stevie convinces Angie to change their plans today. We had originally planned this for 1:00 and thus Stevie wouldn't be able to come as Angie works till 3:30 or after. I hope they are able to make it.

Still haven't won the powerball so, thus far, no need for getting a passport. I'm keeping my hopes up though! Halfmoon

Technology of the Future

This technology is brand new in the way a woman's own body can produce a possible harvest to help against diseases for herself, siblings, or her own children. How can this be true? It sounds a little different, but there are vital stem cells in a woman's menstrual blood that may be the key in treating life-threatening diseases. Here's more about it:

Taking Control: Future Therapies for a Host of Serious Diseases May Be Found in Women's Menstrual Blood July 07, 2008: 01:28 PM EST OLDSMAR, Fla., July 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- With today’s hectic lifestyle, where most women are juggling careers, family, relationships, and a host of activities, the idea of possibly facing a serious illness in the future is not something that readily comes to mind -- especially when a woman is in the prime of her life. But what most women don’t know, is that the key to treating a number of possibly life-threatening diseases that she, a parent, a sibling or even her children may face in later years, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, may be found within her own body -- in vital stem cells, which can now be harvested from her own menstrual blood. Now, thanks to the revolutionary research and technology of C’elle, a service dedicated to providing women with a safe and easy method of collecting and preserving stem cells found in her menstrual fluid each month, even the busiest woman can take control of her future, right in the privacy of her own home. With C’elle’s non-invasive collection process, menstrual cells are processed and cryo-preserved (stored at a very low temperature) for potential cellular therapies that may be used in the future. These self-renewing cells one day may even be used for sports medicine or cosmeceutical treatments, such as anti-aging therapies. Tough Economy? Take control...with the click of a mouse on a pop-up calendar to mark your next cycle, order C'elle online for a limited-time introductory price at http://www.celle.com/.

My father had Dementia (a precurser of Alzheimers Disease) and at the end of his life, it was never known if he'd recognize us when we visited him until we got there. Alzheimers is a dreadful disease that robs a patient of his memory. Eventually, he or she is locked in their own little world unable to break out. As the disease progresses, damage to the brain affects many functions (besides memory), including motor functions and speaking.

With Dad, it started with not remembering where he put something, and then he couldn't remember where to turn when he was driving home. Eventually he stopped working crossword puzzles. It is very scary for the patient and for their family. It is a very cruel and devestating killer. My father died October 14, 2006. Although it is too late for him, it may not be too late for someone else in my family or yours. The odds go up for getting Alzheimers if you have it in your family.

Taco Bell, Yum!

I received a phone call from my granddaughter, Katiana Lynn, today. "Grandma, do you want to have lunch with us today at Taco Bell?" That took me by surprise, to say the least. I told her I would love to and made plans to head to Des Moines as soon as Steve had my car washed.

Since the water in the well is finally lower than the pump, Steve decided to wash both of our vehicles and the propane tank (which all have been needing cleaned for quite some time). I left him hard at work and headed in to have lunch with three of my favorite people.

I used to take the kids to Taco Bell on Saturdays (when money allowed it) after the girls and I had our allergy shots. Trying to take the sting out of being poked (a play on words LOL) and spend fun family time with the kids, we'd all go munch tacos and drink pop.

Taylor was having a skating party today in celebration of her tenth birthday and Jordan was invited. Since Heather has two little ones who don't know how to skate yet and wasn't sure she wanted to be on skates, she thought it would be fun to spend time with her girls at Taco Bell.

Although I was surprised to hear Kat's invitation, I was happy to comply and continue the tradition of having fun at Taco Bell. While I was driving in, I received a phone call from Josh, "Yes, I'd like two Burrito Supremes, an order of Nachos and a large Mt. Dew" was his query. How funny is that? He told me he'd rather go with us than to the skating rink. LOL Can't blame him there.

When I arrived, Kat was standing at the door with a beautiful smile on her face. Not far away sat Alyce with a big smile too, waving at me. I love it that my grandkids love me! After eating my Taco Supremes, I told Heather about the call Josh made. She got this onery look on her face, picked up her cell, called her brother and said, "Dude, we ordered your burritos but I got so hungry, I ate them!" What a card! Too many more trips like today and I'm going to have to start looking at ellipticals to lose more weight. I wonder if they have any that are recumbant bike style? Have a wonderful afternoon and make many happy memories with your families! Halfmoon

I'm Truly Sick of Cherries

Well, last Sunday we picked most of the cherries off the cherry tree. I say 'we' loosely as I only picked those on the branches growing out of the third of the tree that was struck by the oak tree that fell on it a few years ago. Amazingly, although the tree split at the trunk (1/3 and 2/3), and a third of the tree was gone except the bottom three feet, branches grew on that third and actually produced cherries this year.

We had a huge bowl, a large colander, and a roasting pan full of cherries. At that point I persuaded Steve to leave the rest of the cherries in the tree top. (He was relieved, I think, as it would have been dangerous to climb that high on the ladder and he was tired of picking, too.)

Heather and I washed and pitted 15 cups of cherries the first day. Steve washed (?) and pitted eight cups the next day. I washed and pitted 4 cups that same day and since I cannot stand at the sink for more than ten minutes without pain, I sat at the dining room table and washed cherries in the roaster which was not comfortable either.

Last night I gave Linda 12 cups to take home and we still have half to three-quarters of the large bowl left. By now, they are not faring so well and I vote we throw the rest out. My fingernails are stained pink on the undersides. I need to think of something besides cherries as they are driving me insane.

I've been thinking about baby gifts and cannot decide what to get little Mikela. Any suggestions would be welcome. Until the next episode, have a wonderful day! Halfmoon

Camels and Ostrichs

Have you ever seen a jockey ride an ostrich? It is the most hilarious site I've ever seen. Heather, her kids, and I went to Prairie Meadows to watch the camels and ostrichs run. What a hoot! Heather's still trying to figure out what the jockeys held on to in order to stay on the ostrich (those few that did). Was it reins or just feathers???

One jockey was tossed off right out of the starting gate. Then a couple more found the ground before too long. The ostrichs legs look so funny when they run (actually, when they walk too). They won't let you bet on the camel or ostrich races. I probably would have had better luck on them than on the horses. I'm always betting on the one with the highest odds. You know, like 30/1 cause then you'd win big money. LOL because those horses never win! Needless to say, none of my horses won (shock!).

Heather bought a race track form then asked me if I had a pen. Where are those bic pens when you need them? Since everything falls to the bottom of my purse, I had to dig for a while but finally came up with one that was a little linty but still worked. After writing down our picks, Heather would place our bets while I stayed with the kids.

The kids, that's another story! I probably would have been less worn out had I made the bets and let Heather stay with the sweetpeas. I think I just get too nervous and that's what wears me out. I had Alyce in the stroller and had to make sure she wasn't climbing out. Kat kept climbing up on the fence and I was sure she'd loose her footing and cut her chin on the top of it. Jordan and some unidentified kids were really interested in something down in a grate (I could just see somebody's fingers getting pinched or crushed if the grate fell on them).

See what I mean? I'm neurotic I think. Are all grandmas like that? Anyway, then Heather would come back and I could relax again. Heather did all the running so I wouldn't have to walk far or stand in line. My back is getting more painful as the nerve blocks are wearing off. Heather really takes care of me, I love her so much!

Well, we had a delightful night, the kids didn't get hurt too badly, and we ate out together where Pato works for free. It was grand! I think I slept better that night because I was worn out. Speaking of being worn out, I got up a little after 5 this morning and am ready for a nap now. Have a good one! Halfmoon

Baby Shower is Coming

I believe we've settled on August 30th for Abby's baby shower. How exciting! If you read about my day with Abby, you know we looked at the baby clothes she's already received. There's something about baby clothes that gives people a sense of hope.

Abby's registered at Babies 'R Us if you need any ideas. While looking online I found a pair of Rubis baby clippers that look really cool (even in a little elephant package). (Just another idea if you need one!)

I spent the afternoon at Heather's trying to download a cover and pics to create a neat book of my own publishing with Artscow.com. What a deal. I went there because she has high-speed internet and I hoped to be able to accomplish my first book. Unfortunately, I was never able to get it done. Must be too many people trying to do it at the same time. Bummer!

Oh well, that's the way the ball bounces, huh? It's pretty humid out today (actually, it's humid in the house...outside under the trees with the wind blowing, it feels pretty good). Hope you all stay cool! Halfmoon

Time with Abby

I went to Abby's today to have a little time together. They still have some rearranging to do since moving back in (from the flood evacuation). The things left to go through are things that were brought up from the basement. There was a floor jack to move but it was too heavy for either of us to move around (at least there weren't any air tools).

While she worked on that I did what few dishes she had in the sink, then we took a break for lunch. Cream of Mushroom soup and crackers, yum! I was raised on it and we had it a lot when our kids were young because I loved it so much.

After she finished what she needed to get done, she showed me two baskets and a few sacks full of baby clothes that have been given to her (or she got at yard sales). Little girl clothes are soooo adorable. I can hardly wait until Mikayla makes her debut into the world.

I just know she'll love her grandma! Katiana and Alyce both come running with smiling faces when they see me. Then they both want in my lap. It is so grand (I suppose that's why we're called grandmas). Taylor and Jordan don't do the running part anymore or grab me to hug me (ok, Jordan does once in a while), but they get a smile on their faces when they say hi. Of course, I make them give me the requisite hug (what's life without hugs?). Sydney still does the running and hugging, though. She's probably too young to feel awkward yet, or maybe it's because she doesn't see me as much as the others do.

That's it for now, until I have another daughter, son, or grandchild story for you. Halfmoon

It's a Teddy Graham!

I went with Heather today for her first ultrasound of the baby. They do it right in the OB office to make sure the baby is viable. I wasn't sure what we'd see since she isn't real far along yet. Pato stayed home with the other three kids which was good since there wasn't a lot of room to stand or move around in the exam room.

Before you knew it, there on the screen was the tiny sac the baby was in. Next we saw a very tiny heart beating like crazy! We even saw one little leg or foot sticking out. It was so cute. The nurse said, "At this stage the baby is about the size and shape of a Teddy Graham." How adorable. And, yes, she was correct. It was shaped similar to that little graham cracker cookie my grandkids love.

There's nothing like seeing your grandchild before it is born. This will be grandchild number nine for Steve and I. Who'd have thought! I just love being a grandma! I can just see this one with its gift from Pato. He bought the two girls each a gold bracelet with their name on it when they were small. Maybe this time he will get a gold anklet, who knows. Of course, if it's a boy, it will have to be a gold chain (necklace) like he got Jordan.

Stay tuned for further reports. Halfmoon

Anniversary Celebration

Steve and I celebrated our 31st anniversary this weekend. He had to work on July 9th so we decided to hold off celebrating till we could have time together after the fact. A nice gift might be luxury watches, I would rather spend quality time with Steve.

We went to watch Hancock at the theatre and it was pretty good. It had a few surprising turns in it but I made it through without crying and liked the ending (personally, I would have ended it differently, but that's the way it is usually with most shows I see).

After leaving the movie, my right thumb joint started throbbing. I looked through my purse and bag for my thumb stabilizer with no result. I started getting upset as it was the first time I'd worn this one as I'd thrown my first one in the dirty clothes to be washed and got my second one out to wear until it was done. I remember having it on after we left Burger King as I showed Steve that I had gotten ketchup on it (the first time I wear it I get it dirty).

I remember taking it off as it was making my thumb go completely numb and it was driving me crazy. But where did I do that? I looked through my purse and bag three times to no avail. We went back to the theatre and asked if anyone had turned it in. They hadn't seen it and let us walk back into the show area to look for it. Nope! Not there either.

By the time we got back to the car I was getting very upset. I looked into my purse one more time and there it was. Have you ever done that? I had taken almost everything out of the purse looking for it. Oh, brother!

Anyway, after all that we drove to Holiday Inn on Mill Civic in the Jordan Creek area. We had reservations there. Steve and I really love sitting in the hot tub down in the pool area. I love it for my back, Steve needed it to destress from working 12 hour days. After that Steve took me to Prairie Meadows to throw some money away (which we did). Winning would have made it more fun, of course, but we had a good time.

Back to the Holiday Inn for some zzzz's and then on to Perkins for a fantastic breakfast. It was a wonderful weekend. You need to do that once in a while to break up the monotony in life. Hope you all had a great weekend too! Halfmoon


Steve started working days yesterday! We both are happy about it. Now, how to get back in the correct sleep mode (instead of staying up late at night). He ended up falling asleep in his chair last night.

Linda came over last night and we watched America's Got Talent. Linda is a very good friend that I've known since before Abby was born. She was the nurse to my doctor at the time of my pregnancy. We became so close that she actually went with us to the hospital for Abigail's birth. She's been like a second mother for Abby.

Back to last night's show, I was getting very angry when a gentleman was singing and the crowd was booing. His vocal cords had been cut 11 years previously and he was told to concentrate on learning to speak again and forget ever singing. The song he sang was a slow one and it spoke of the Lord lifting him up. He had a beautiful voice and the song was very touching. Halfway through the song the crowd stopped what they'd been doing and started cheering and chanting 'Vegas'.

The man was near tears and even the judges were shocked by the change in the crowd. I felt like crying just listening to him. Needless to say, he's going to Vegas. Watching him was worth all the pain we had to go through watching worthless acts. I wish we had a big flat screen TV and home theater lighting. Wouldn't it be grand?

It will be a hot one out there today, try to stay cool! Halfmoon

Celebrating This Weekend

Well today marked 31 years of marriage for Steve and I! Of course he got off work at 5 AM this morning and slept until 1 PM or so, at which time I layed down and slept until 3:30. By then Steve was gone to the Y and then on to work. 5 PM until 5AM again. Hopefully next week Steve will be on days again. I didn't mind the nights when he got off at 1. That changed to 3 and now they want them to work until the job is done.

Back to our anniversary, thus the reason we are celebrating on the weekend. I thought maybe we should sign up for wireless for the computers. You know, the gift that keeps on giving! It can't be much more than what we're paying for our home phone and the cost of the internet that we have now (slow dial-up).

Steve was thinking more in line of going somewhere nice. Maybe we should stay in one of those theme rooms, wear renaissance clothing, you know, something out of the everyday thing.

Who knows what we'll do, but I'll keep you posted. Halfmoon

Style at Low Cost

Are you tired of paying an arm and a leg for prescription glasses? I know my glasses always cost an enormous amount. What if you could deal directly with the manufacturer to get a much better price?

ZenniOptical.com does just that! There is a large selection and it does not matter if you have single, bifocal or progressive lenses. Their glasses sell from $8 and you will like what you see.

Since I had my lasik surgery, I no longer wear prescription lenses, but my sunglasses were very expensive. I'm going to check out their tinted sunglasses and save me $$$$! Halfmoon


4th of July

I hope all of you had a great fourth! Holidays are always wonderful when you are surrounded by your family. My sons' families had other plans but both Heather and Abby's families came out and we had a great time.

Although we told Heather we would be meeting after eating supper, she and Pato brought out brats, chicken legs, and hamburger to cook up on the grill. (Their grill, I might add, as ours burned our food the last two times we used it. The flames had to be doused with water, even turning off the gas did not stop the fire.)

By the time the food was done, everyone's appetites seemed to have perked to life again. I must admit, I passed up the jello/cool whip combo and cake, but the smell of the chicken had me begging for a leg. It was pretty good, too!

Theresa and Jade came out with Abby and Justin. We always love having them over, and sitting around the campfire is out of this world when it is shared with family and friends. Of course, Theresa and Jade are family now that Justin and Abby are married. Just a few days away will be the celebration of their one year anniversary.

They brought ultrasound pics of my new granddaughter! They are 4-D and really look like a live baby, it's so incredable. She is so cute! I almost felt like I could cradle her in my arms. Plus, Abby called me this morning. Her name will be Mikayla Corey! Is that cute, or what! Mikayla will be grandchild #8 and with Heather expecting again, #9 is on its way too. Life is so grand!

With gas prices what they are, I think we need to listen to the money people and start placing a tenth of what we earn into savings or let a futures broker invest for us. I have been putting my rollovers with my nephew's company in Alabama and he's done well for me. Whatever you decide, invest well! Halfmoon

Sick of the Gas Prices?

I don't know about you but I have about had it! I was just told the gas price today in West Des Moines is $3.91 a gallon. I have been staying home rather than getting out to do things to keep my mind off the pain I am in. It really is hard when you are used to going somewhere every day.
I haven't been going to water therapy to cut back on my trips to Des Moines. My back is getting worse each day. I really need to get back into the movement in water so I can be in less pain.

Steve has been thinking about buying a small car to drive around in rather than replacing his truck with a new truck. He'd just keep his Dakota for those times when you need a truck.

I've considered telling him to look at some used Harleys so he could really save on gas, but the chance of living through an accident stops me from doing so.

I've been driving 58 miles an hour on the interstate for quite some time now instead of 70. The result is getting 29 - 30 mpg whereas driving the speed limit cuts that down to 25 - 27 mpg. Yes, I'm that little old lady in front of you who is not going 70. People get angry, I just smile knowing I'm getting way better gas mileage than they are! What are you doing to save on gas? Halfmoon

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