A Memory from Home

When I was young, my mother used to make a dinner with tuna that we grew to love. She didn't use it with salmon because of the price, but when I started fixing it for my family, I replaced the tuna with salmon and it is devine! My kids love it and the boys fought over the bones in the tuna before I even heated the skillet. Now that everyone's moved out, I eat the bones myself! What a treat! Here's the recipe that I use:

2 cans Humpty Dumpty Salmon
2 large eggs
saltine crackers
salt and pepper to taste

Place the salmon in a large bowl. Add the eggs and stir until the egg is mixed through the salmon. Break up saltine crackers into small pieces and drop into the bowl. Mix in the crackers with the salmon/egg mixture until you see crackers everywhere. I never count the crackers, for two cans you probably use at least 3/4 of a pack of crackers. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Pour oil (I use canola) into a frying pan until it is at least half the height of the patties you are preparing. While the oil heats, I press the salmon mixture into patties that are the size of a hamburger. When the oil is hot, carefully place each patty into the pan using a spatula. Once the bottom of the patty is golden, carefully flip it over to cook the second side. When the patties are cooked golden on both sides, I place them on paper towels to absorb the excess oil.

These really are delicious. We serve bread and butter alongside the patties with a veggie. My husband likes to place the patty between the slices of bread and butter and eat it as a sandwich. I am allergic to most fish, so eating these salmon patties are a real treat. I cannot eat fresh salmon, but I bet using fresh salmon would not only be better, but the source would be known and the salmon would be local and a fresh catch.

Perhaps I should send my recipe to a Cook off. Entering a cook off would be fun and everyone needs more seafood in their diet. If you have any favorite spices or seasonings that would enhance my recipe, I encourage you to try it and reply back to me. Or you could send me favorite recipes of your own that you'd like to share. Have a great day, and remember to consider entering the cookoff! Halfmoon