Another Appointment

Well, another trip to the orthopaedic hand surgeon. The two cysts on my left forefinger are back, plus now I have one on my right smallest finger. I asked the doctor what causes them and he said "arthritis". Well, great, just what I needed. I knew I had arthritis in my neck and right knee, but had not had my hands diagnosed with it.

I need to remind myself that life is not fair. The doctor gave me the novacaine injection on the forefinger and said how lucky it was that he went right down into the joint. The next thing he does is just exchanges the bottle of fluid of the syringe for the cortisone and injects it too. I guess I was lucky in that I didn't have to have two shots, but it didn't feel great while he was changing the bottles. On to the little finger on the opposite hand and I was done. I hope it lasts a while this time. I'm tempted to just pop them with a sterile needle myself.