My sons love to go out and play paintball. They come home looking like they've been in a war - a paintball war. I have always wondered if that means they aren't very good at it? They have so much fun though! I really need to go watch them sometime! My daughters have even talked about going and joining their brothers in their paintball war sometime.

I was looking for the perfect present to give my oldest son. His birthday is in April And I really think that he would like one of these spyder guns.

I think the packages are an excellent deal! Here's one that I think Steve would really like! I may have to ask my son Josh if that is something that Steve needs. But, I almost don't want to ask him because his birthday comes up right after Steve's and if it's a hit, I'll probably get Joshua the same thing.

Wow, the more I look through this site, the more amazed I am at my sons' hobby. I never knew it had such a vast array of things you could buy from the paintball guns to masks to harnesses.

This really makes me want to go out and watch my sons play! Maybe I'll even shoot a few paintballs at them.