Point of Grace

Steve and I went to Point of Grace this morning. Man, is it cold out! The high today is either 4 or 5 degrees! BRRRR! The sanctuary is set up like a stadium. The seats look like they actually can be pushed back to the wall. The seats are comfortable, though. They are cushioned and have a cupholder and you are allowed to drink something during the sermon. I've never heard of that before.

Two weeks ago we went to Lutheran Church of Hope and it was good as far as the sermon and worship portions. The thing that was bad was the two women talking through the whole worship service (sitting behind us). It was very distracting to say the least. Made it hard to try to worship.

Last weekend we went to Point of Grace and it was pretty good. The theme right now is on Pure Sex. This is geared to sex within marriage and so far we've enjoyed it. We are trying to determine where to fellowship. I prefer First Assembly of God as far as worship and I like the way the pastor presents the sermon (more from the Bible, I think). The drawback to First A of G is the distance to get there.

There will be a "Love and Respect" seminar the end of February and first of March that we are considering going to. They showed a preview which had me laughing quite a bit. The guy on the screen had me down to a 'T'!

We're trying to listen to the Lord in where he wants us to go. Time will tell. Halfmoon