Powerball Dreams

While writing about timeshares and wanting to go to Hawaii, I began to think again about the Powerball lottery. Steve and I joke about what we would do if we won the Powerball, but I really have a specific dream about it.

Right now the Powerball is up to $100 million. If we won that, we should at least clear $40 million. With that windfall I would buy a large tract of land in a wooded area. Enough land so that each family would have at least five acres of land. Then we would build a house for each of our kids. Our house would have a mother-in-law apartment attached so that Elsie could live with us, yet still have her own space.

We would buy each of our kids a new car or truck. Next, I'd ask them for all of the bills they have to date, and we would pay them off. Then I would tell them that they have a new start in life and from this day forward, make their decisions good ones. Next, we would give each of our brothers and sisters a generous amount of money to help them out. We would make sure that Mom Manning is comfortable for the rest of her life.

Also, we'd have get togethers for both sides of our family because family is what is most important in life. I remember when I was young we used to get together for a Hog Roast at my Aunt's house and then eventually at my cousin's place once a year. There were also a lot of times when we spent time with my cousins when they'd come over or we'd visit them. Now we only see them when someone is seriously ill or unfortunately at funerals. It is all so very sad. I don't want that to happen to my kids.

Enough about sadness, I intended to write this about dreams. I keep hoping we can win the Powerball so we won't have to live in this house forever. I want a medium ranch-style home with a large eat-in kitchen, a dining room large enough for meals with our kids, and three, maybe four, bedrooms on the main level. I want the basement to be finished but the stairway will need to have a handicapped elevator (or a real elevator) so that I can go down and enjoy the basement area too. There would be two or three bedrooms downstairs (enough for guests), a large family area with a large screen TV and theater seating. Also, we'd have a room with a pool table, foosball table, and other games to play so the kids and grandkids didn't get bored.

Our house, now, has two bedrooms on the main level and two on the upstairs level (that I rarely visit because of the stairs and my back and knees). It's heck getting old. My dream house will not be far from Des Moines so that we can get groceries or go shopping easily. AND, it will be on pavement. AND, it will have an attached garage (I hate walking to and from the garage in the cold or at night!)

Well, enough of dreaming. Back to the real world! Halfmoon


absolutartist1 said...

That's an awesome dream to have, Momma Manning... Best of luck in achieving it! Do you need another kid?!? LOL

(one of Heather's friends and CT members)