Another Trip to Saturn

I took my car in to Saturn yesterday so they can decide (and hopefully repair) whatever is causing the Check Engine Light to come on. I had requested a Vue for my rental so I don't have pain getting in and out of the car. Normally they have a shorter vehicle for me to use and it really is hard on me. They had a green Vue waiting for me, for which I am thankful.

Saturn called me this morning, the car is finished. They said a wire that runs under the threshold trim piece (that you step on or over when you get into the back seat) had a break in it. I guess time will tell. I swear if that warning light comes on one more time, I'll come undone.

I think this is the ninth time I have had to take the car in with that same warning. It is hard to believe that they have so many different explanations as to what is causing it to come on. Oh, well, maybe I'll have more time go by before it happens again. I sincerely think the car has to be a lemon.

When we were taking the loaner car to Saturn, the low coolant warning light came on. Steve got the book out of the glove compartment that explains what the warnings mean. It said not to drive the car if the car is overheating when that light comes on. So, we called Saturn and explained the situation so we'd be covered even though it wasn't overheating yet. (You just never know!) They responded to just bring it in after filling the tank.

That ends another chapter of the Saturn Chronicles of My Life! Halfmoon