Well I survived another visit to the dentist. Before having them work on my teeth, I had my semi-annual checkup so my teeth were cleaned. Guess what! I have two more cavities. Wonderful! At least they were both on the upper side. Nothing like having more of the same to look forward to. Pretty soon, all of my back teeth will be gold crowns (but, they are pretty). I had the permanent crowns put on two teeth. Of course, they were on the upper and lower quadrants of my mouth so I had to have shots in both areas.

If you know me, you'll know I am trying to get all of my medical and dental work done before the end of February while I have two insurances. So luckily Maggie is able to get me in to fill those teeth in two days. Man! I know, life isn't always fair.

I used to be a dental assistant (which I hated) so I know what the dentist is talking about when he talks as he goes along. (I'm not sure if that is better or worse!) I worked at a pediatric dentist office where my kids went. I actually wanted to be a dental receptionist there and Dr. Braley said they would train me for the front office and they'd also train me as an assistant. How exciting is that???

Until you see these screaming little kids who misbehave so badly before they even get their teeth cleaned. I don't mean the ones who are scared, I mean the ones who just act naughty. I wanted to tell the parent to take them into the bathroom and spank them, they'd straighten right up. Of course, that would be child abuse now.

Then there are the early teenagers who come in with braces to have their teeth cleaned and they haven't even brushed their teeth. Ugh, gross! I'd hand them a toothbrush and toothpaste and direct them to a sink. Man, what a drag. After they removed the stuff stuck in between their braces they came to me and I cleaned their teeth!

Did I mention cone cuts? When you take an xray of the teeth and the equipment is not lined up just right, you get to see part of the side of the tooth through the front or back of it (sort of like an echo or outline). That is a cone cut. Of course, now they have guides for the dental assistant to place the equipment just right!

The final straw was when a 38 year old mentally disabled gentleman had to have crowns put on his back teeth. Did I mention that I can feel the patient's fear and pain? The poor man started crying before the first shot was given. It took a lot out of me to assist the procedure.

After the procedure Dr. Braley went to his office, I followed him and by this time I was in tears. I asked him how much notice he needed to replace me. He told me he knew whenever a patient bothered me, that I was just a sensitive person. He understood why I couldn't continue in that profession. What a wonderful man.

After that I subbed for Maggie (front office) whenever she needed a day off or a vacation. It never failed that some major change (like a new printer) would have occurred. She gave me wonderful notes that helped me adjust. Dr. Braley retired and now Maggie works for Dr. McNurlen who is a wonderful (and gentle) dentist. And the dental hygenist is really great. As you can tell, over all, I really love having this dental office. I now have my husband, son, and daughter go to them.

That's it for now, my cheek and tongue feel normal again (until Thursday). Maybe then I will have no cavities for a long time!!!! Halfmoon