Timeshare Tidbits

Josh and Shelley wanted to spend a week in the Disney World area but needed a place to stay. Josh asked if they could buy an extra week in our timeshare. Since they were willing to pay for the week and the guest certificate, we had no problem with it.

I gave Shelley the information she needed to log onto RCI and check into prices of a week in Orlando or Kissimmee since both are about five minutes from the Theme Park. She couldn't find one that they could afford unless they took Taylor out of school for a week. After she and Josh discussed that idea, Shelley called the school and found out the week before the end of school would be fine. By choosing that week they were able to get a one bedroom unit for the amount they could afford.

Next, I checked out the week indicate but the RCI online system was having problems. I then called RCI and then three-way called Shelley. After a bit of work, the customer service rep was able to confirm the week for them. Hooray!

I stayed on the phone when the rep told me I hadn't banked the 2009 year yet so I did so. He then informed me that we hadn't exchanged our 2008 year yet. I thanked him for letting me know and for all his help. Then I checked my exchange availability and sure enough 2008 hadn't been used. I thought our trip to Alabama was the 2008 exchange; nope, it was the 2007!

That excites me because that means if we decide to go somewhere next year (besides Hawaii), we can invite our kids to join us. I would like to invite Steve and Angie, Sydney and Jadah plus Abby and Justin to go somewhere! They have been unable to go the last few years. Actually, Steve hasn't gone on any trip with us since we took the kids to the Bahamas when they were young.

Of course, Hawaii would be my first choice, but the airfare is out of range to take such a large family. Oh, well, someday.....Halfmoon