TRUE Powerball Dreams

On the light side, I had a dream two nights ago that I won the powerball!!!! I woke up when my back was throbbing pretty bad. (Right when Steve and I were trying to decide whether to contact my nephew for investment advice or contact the Powerball office but tell them not to reveal who we are yet! Which do you do first? And how safe is that ticket with you?)

Of course, I have to get up then and go to the ladies room. I remember thinking "Oh no! It was just a dream :(." I kept repeating the numbers in my mind cause who knows, they might be winning numbers! I went back to sleep and immediately started dreaming the same dream. I became excited again, it wasn't a dream after all. Unfortunately, I woke up in the morning and knew the truth of it. And I couldn't remember those numbers. I should have written them down. What a bummer!

Do you ever have dreams that affect your life? I never believe the people on the radio or television who supposedly tell someone what their dreams mean. I guess it's great if it leaves that person feeling better. I just don't see how someone else can know what my dream means.

Steve told me he was going to get $20 worth of Powerball tickets Sunday. Of course, he came out to the car with one Powerball and one Super Hot Lotto. He slays me. I figure if I'm going to be lucky, one ticket is enough. I rarely get more than two numbers on the ticket and neither of them is the Powerball number so it isn't worth zip.

Well, until the next drawing I'll catch you all later! Keep on dreaming! Halfmoon