Power Outage

First, I suppose I should tell you I am at the Library to use their computer as our computer completely stopped working. Hard drive issues. But, Steve finally has admitted it is time for a new computer and we have set Saturday as the day to go shop for one.

Second, our power went off at 11:32 a.m. today. I didn't really mind it until I'd been there for an hour and a half with no power. Now it is one thing to be without a computer, but it is another thing to not be able to watch t.v. either. I started going stir crazy.

I have an appointment at 3:00 to have my second tooth drilled on today. The first was Monday and I sat for 2 1/2 hours under the drill. It is imperative that I get it taken care of today in order for the impression to be sent for the crown. My dental insurance (as all other insurance) ends the end of this month as far as I know. In order to save a lot of money, it has to all be done by then.

I decided to drive in early, since I was sick of being at home with nothing to do except read (which I'd been doing since 9:30 a.m.). I went out to the garage and first I noticed the garage door opener wouldn't work. After I struggled to unlock the service door with keys, I realized "Dummy, there's no electricity!"

I tried to remember what Steve told me you had to do in order to lift the garage door manually. To no avail I could not remember how to do it. You have to undo something (and I had a sneaky suspicion it was something to do with this handle that was about three feet above my car). Of course, I could not reach it so I tried to lift the door anyway. Ha! It wouldn't budge. So now I'm realizing that I cannot go to the dentist.

To begin with I originally had a 9:30 appointment which I cancelled because of the snow storm (8 inches of snow). When I called back in they told me there was a 3:00 cancellation. Now I wouldn't be able to go anyway. I had flipped the garage light on so I would know if the electricity came back on. I sat in the doorway of the garage and smoked a cigarette, then decided to go back into the house and wait to see if the electricity would come back on.

Lo and behold, the kitchen light was on (though the garage light wasn't on when I left the garage). I was so excited I went back out to the garage and got the car out in case the electricity went off again. Happy now that we had electricity and that I had the car out, I drove slowly to the interstate. Our road (which is normally the last one to be plowed) wasn't bad. What was bad was the entrance to the interstate. I almost lost control of the car right where you get onto the interstate. Luckily my car swerved out of the snow finally and I was on my way. The interstate was great so I made it here in good time. Guess that's it for now. Halfmoon