Check Engine Light

I've written before about problems with my Saturn Vue and it's check engine light warning. Yesterday I took it in to have it checked out. The first thing they told me was that it had a gross air leak. Well, great! Wonder what caused it this time and why it's worse than before.

I sat in the waiting room watching an educational channel about cloning humans and a cult that calls themselves Ranians. That took my mind off of my Vue for a short while. Brad came up to me and asked if I ever fill my gas tank while I let the engine run to keep warm. NOOOOOO! (That would be stupid, wouldn't it? I mean I only would do that if I had a death wish. With all the stickers on the pumps that tell you to turn off your car, don't talk on a cell phone, sparks etc.) So, that ruled out, they would continue looking to see what caused the leak.

Back to cloning humans, cats, and dogs....oh brother! I decided to read the book I brought with me in case of something such as this. I really got into the gist of the story I was reading when Brad came back. Now they think it has something to do with the solenoid (sp?). The right rear part of the car is not getting electrical connection??? Do I ever hear a rattling back there? No. They think maybe a mouse might have chewed on the wiring, they'll check it out. (Is this a big joke? Is my life secretly being taped with bizarre happenings to see how I'll react?)

Do I want to stay another hour or should he try to get a rental? (Which he doesn't think will happen as they are short on rentals with all of the accidents on ice.) I said I would appreciate it. By this time I had a headache and my face and neck were feeling hot. I just wanted to go home and lay down. He must have thought I meant that I'd rather stay when I meant, yes, get me a rental. Another hour passes and Brad is back again. They haven't found it yet. Could I bring it in and leave it for a day and they will get me a rental. So I set it up for Tuesday at 9 am.

While driving home I became depressed. I am so sick of dealing with Saturn. I wish they could just take the car back and give me my money. This is so unfair. Yes, I remember that life is not fair. This is the fifth Saturn we have owned in our family. I've always loved my Saturns. Somehow I now have a lemon.

I was just passing the Waukee area when my granddaughter's mom called me. She had just passed me and said I looked really tired. I vented to her about my car and felt much better. I actually had a smile on my face when we hung up. Thanks, Angie! Well, until Tuesday, life with Saturn will be out of my mind. Halfmoon


absolutartist1 said...

I so hear you. With the issues I've had with my car in the last two months I don't know whether to laugh or cry half the time. [hugs]

Halfmoon said...

Thank you so much! It means a lot to know I'm not going through this alone. Halfmoon