We went to Steve's mom's yesterday for her birthday. The get together was supposed to be today but with the weatherman predicting a blizzard, some of us went early. Polly, Angel, Joe, and Peg and their spouses had the same idea.

It was great seeing Mom and the family. We had a lot of laughs and shared some concerns. Kathy and Joe brought soup and salad and ice cream. Polly brought cake and Angel brought cookies. Needless to say it was difficult to turn it all down.

I think everyone had a wonderful time. While there, Abby called and told me she had a craving for my turkey dressing. She has Tuesday off and wants to come out. She will bring the green bean casserole. She doesn't want turkey, just the dressing. I explained to her I cannot make my dressing without boiling the neck, heart, and gizzards for it.

So, I made Steve go with me to Fareway and we bought a turkey and some of the fixings. We put it in the oven at 1:00 pm or so and it should be ready now. Yummy! As an afterthought, I put a frozen pumpkin pie in the oven. It won't be ready till later, but I can't wait. Best go check the food! Halfmoon


Anonymous said...

now you just wait a second. You never made me a whole turkey dinner during any of my pregnancies.

I'm saying someone is playing favorites with the baby of the family.

:o) J/K

Halfmoon said...

No, you never told me you craved turkey dressing or I would have made it for you! Halfmoon