Visiting Uncle Marvin

We went to see Uncle Marvin today at Mercy Hospital. He is much better, recognizing his family and is not as combative. As long as they are in the room, he is not restrained. They still are not sure what caused this episode.

He has been told he'll have to go to a nursing home for about a month before he can go home. That is because he has to be able to feed himself and walk. He is unhappy about this but seems resigned that it is inevitible he cannot go home yet.

He didn't have his hearing aids in so we had to talk loud for him to be able to hear us. It took quite a while for him to recognize who I was. I finally talked to him about my dad and that I was the youngest in Jack's family and he seemed to know me. Of course ten minutes later he didn't know who I was again.

He talks with a slur, I wonder if he had a slight stroke. What a day! Halfmoon