Do Elephants Cry?

I may have mentioned a while back that I collect elephants.  It all started with a dress I wore that had elephants on it, Jackie bought me my first one or two elephants.  Denny bought me many through the years.

Since Denny died, Steve II has brought me most of my elephants.  My favorite one from him is an elephant standing next to a globe.  The globe has a baby elephant in it.  I just love it.

The majority of my elephants (from Denny) are in a building that we stored the things we couldn't fit into this house.  Furniture, dishes, kids things, elephants, etc.  I wish I had teleconferencing services so I could hear how to take mold and mildew off of priceless objects.

Sometimes I think I hear the cry of my elephants to be treated in such a way.  I don't have the space to bring them into the house.  It is so sad.