As you all know, I am addicted to reading books (all my life).  One of my favorite authors is Laurell K. Hamilton.  Some of her books are about were animals such as, were tigers, were wolves, were rats, were lions, etc.  Fanciful reading at its best.

One of the latest I've finished reading was about someone who raises zombies for a living, plus she is a vampire slayer.  The head of the vampires is in love with her as is a were wolf (not like in the old movies, more like the Twilight series.  It's pretty cool, scary, yet not scary enough to give you nightmares.

One thing I like about it is that there's a whole series so you can end one book and keep reading the story in the next one.  There aren't any charm bracelets in the books but, there are silver crosses that should protect you from vampires.

Have I grabbed your attention yet?  Get to the library and read to your heart's content.

I have not been paid by this author or her publishing company to write about this writer.  I only wrote because I love her books!