Our Little Singer and Dancer

I know I've told before how Mikayla loves to dance, specifically at wedding receptions.  She's always a blast to watch and she'll usually corral you to dance with her .  Well, she has a new talent now.

Abby and I were talking on the phone and I said, "Oh, I just love listening to Mikayla sing in the background."  Abby said, "You should have seen her the day we put the ceramic in the entryway.  She's been watching this show where the little girl looks out the window at the stars in the sky and sings.  We had the living room window open so we could toss stuff out it.  Next thing I know, she's got her head out the window and she's just singing up a storm.  She was waving her arms all around.  It was so cute.  I got my camcorder and started recording her and she turned and caught me doing it.  She looked kind of embarrassed that I caught her and she stopped."

Is that not cute or what?

Of course, it would be nice to have one for Heather, too.  She's the one with the talent in our family.  Serious talent.