Painting at Abby's

Yesterday Steve, Josh, and Abby painted Ab's living room.  When we first got there, Justin and Abby had a first coat on all but one wall.  Justin had to work so the three of them got busy.

I went along to help watch the kids so Abby could paint, too.  Aiden was in his little activity center jumping up and down, babbling and playing with the toys on it.  Mikayla ran to me as she was so happy that Grandma came, too.

Aiden went down for his first nap and Abby let Mikayla use a little paint brush to feel like she was helping.  It was sooooo cute, I took about 3 minutes of camcording it.  I just loved it.  She would paint circles and lines all over.  Then they'd have her move to the right and they would use the roller to paint over what she'd just done.

We would have never thought to do that with our kids.  Actually, I think just Steve would be painting and I would be running after the little ones.  Of course, back then, I'd probably be having an allergic reaction to the smell of the paint and would need to get an allergy treatment austin.  What's great is the paint Abby got didn't smell much.  It was great.

I made a run to Home Depot to pick up one more gallon of the paint and when I came back, Mikayla was down for a nap and Aiden was awake.  So I got to play with him a lot.  He sits up now, it's so cute.