Heather's Girls

When I got up this morning, I had a message from Heather.  Pato had to take Alyce to the ER last night.  She woke up during the night crying from the pain she had.

It ended up she had a kidney infection and was really constipated.  She was so bad, they put an IV in (which she did not like) and also gave her a prescription.  The pharmacy they normally go to closes at 11 PM now.  Used to be they were open all night.

So, this morning Heather went to get her script filled, only to find out no one had it.  After the ER gave them a different prescription, she finally got it filled.  After going home, Kat was in pain.  Heather took her in and found out she has an UTI.  Jordan was sick, too, so only Nano was feeling good.

Heather didn't get much sleep last night and she's fighting an ear infection herself.  At least none of them has anything contagious.  Now Kat is on a med and both girls have been told they need to drink more water.

Heather makes money on her blog, does writeups for a lot of products, and has a business online for scrapbooking.  I wonder if she uses a bixolon product.  We've never talked about it, but I'll ask her next time we talk.

Nano and Jordan have birthdays Feb 23rd so they all need to get healthy to celebrate those birthdays.