Watching the News

I was sitting in the living room watching the 6:00 (PM) news on channel 13 (WHO) when they showed a picture of a house with a snowman out front and a little boy and girl on either side of it.

I couldn't believe it.  I just saw that snowman Tuesday night in Josh's front yard.  Yes, the little boy and girl were Carter and Cambria.  I was speechless.  The tag said "Carter and Cambria in Waukee".  Soooo cute.  I called Josh and said, "Did you watch Channel 13's news?"  To his negative reply I said, "Guess who I just saw on the news?"

He didn't know Shelley had sent in that picture.  The weatherman said, "This is Carter and Cambria of Waukee.  Check out the Mohawk on the snowman."  The Mohawk was iridescent green spikes, really funny.  That's how my evening started out.  Maybe next time they'll show a pic of a pool fence.  (Also would be cool.)

Any of your grandkids hit the news?  I just loved it.