A Shy Little Girl

I went to Josh's last night to watch his two youngest while he took Taylor to an informational meeting about driver's ed.  Man, I cannot believe she will be driving before long.  Jordan went with them as one of Heather's kids is sick.

They both were asleep when I got there so I settled in to watch MASH, which is one of my favorite shows (a close second to Raymond.  After a while Carter woke up and I warmed up his supper.  He is so cute and sweet, he talks to me all the time.  He had to show me all the cars and trucks he has in his case, what a riot.

Finally, Cambria wakes up.  She looks up at me and then hides her face in the corner of the couch.  I tried to get her to turn over so I could change her diaper, to no avail.  Finally I just changed her while she was lying on her stomach.  Quite a feat!

I got her supper out of the fridge and asked if she wanted her drink.  That got her up and walking to me.  When I put her food on the little table for her, she smiled and sat down to eat.  I just love those kids.  She was still eating when Josh and Taylor got home.  Boy, did she jump up and hug Taylor's legs and then ran and put her arms up for Daddy to hold her.  She was all smiles then.  Josh just laughed.

Josh took me out to see their new car, which is pretty cool.  Then, I had him walk me to my car as it was icy in places.  He wanted to pay me for gas at least, and I declined.  When I think of the garden gifts my kids have given me, I just am so happy.  Josh gave me a beautiful angel that's in my little garden.  Every time  I see it, I smile and think of him.

Heather gave me a butterfly that lights up green at night.  I have another angel, too!  I just need to get a moon to be complete!