It's Winter

I never thought I'd be happy when the temps are in the 30s.  We've had our snow, rain, and icy conditions, finally.  Today, according to our temperature gauge, it got to 29 today.  Woohoo!  S'posed to get down to 13 tonight.

The wind wasn't too bad, but it still made it cold to be outside.  I bundled up each time I've gone outside.   I have to get outside each day.  The sun was shining bright, which helps.  I must be one of those who have to be in the sun.  Heather is another one that is affected when she cannot be out in the sun.

It's supposed to get cold tonight.  Tomorrow, it will get to 32 degrees out again, hurray!  I cannot say that under all those clothes I have on cheap lingerie.  Instead, I have your grandma types on.  :)

I cannot wait for the sunshine tomorrow.  Does the sun affect you?