It's Beautiful Outside

I went outside a few minutes ago and it is like the beginning of spring, seriously!  I just love it.  Steve left about an hour ago, headed to the Y and then to church.  So I was alone and feeling far better than this morning.

I woke up in serious pain and nausea again.  I can't seem to figure out how to keep that from happening.  I know I overdid it yesterday, plus forgot to take my pain pill at 9 in the morning.  Remembered it at 5:15 that night when I hurt so bad I wanted to just sit in the car for a long time.  (It has a wonderful lumbar seat.)

When Steve left this morning, he said, "Goodbye, my darling wife, Kathy!"  I about fell over.  Number one, he doesn't usually use complimentary words (unless it's babe - and that's been quite a while); number two, he called me by my name directly to me.  He never says that.  He rarely says my name when he's talking about me to others, either.   I walked into the kitchen and thanked him and we hugged.

I gave him a kiss and he responded in kind and that's pretty unusual, too.  We're just not romantic anymore that much.  So, anyway, I'm here alone with the beautiful weather and am feeling so much better than this morning.  Have a great day!