First Teeth

Abby is celebrating her birthday today!!!  My littlest girl who now has two little ones of her own.  She called me last night from PM where they were celebrating her birthday since today is the Super Bowl.  Sure sounded like she was having fun.  OK, I did have a twinge of wanting to go out there, too.  But I gave it up and am determined to keep it that way.

I can't remember if it was Friday or Thursday, but she called me and said Aiden finally has 2 little teeth breaking through the surface.  Hurray!  He has been teething forever, but just lately has he been running a temp.  We'll have to get some lapel pins that say, "Warning, teething baby!"  What do ya think?

Last night Justin's Mom took the kids overnight while they went out and said he was running a temp again.  I had hoped since the teeth broke the surface, maybe he'd be in the pink again.  Time will tell.