Do you have a Will?

We've told ourselves, over the years, that we needed a will.  Making one, however, is not as easy.  My nephew, Mike, gave me a CD to make one and I actually started it.  I wanted to make one will for Steve and I together.  It didn't have that capability.  Plus, some of the wording was confusing, so I gave up.

Not long ago, I saw a book at the library that walked you through the process.  It also had a CD and was simplified enough for me to do it.  So I printed out the blank forms to make our own wills.  It also, did not show one  to have both on one will.  But at least I have the form to type out.

Of course, I haven't done that yet.  But, there's hope out there for me.  The next thing is, how are we going to deal with his retirement plan.  What he has is not a 401K, but it is similar.  When he retires, he has the choice to transfer that plan to a local financial organization.  I'd like to check in to getting money into gold or silver.  I think that is something to look into.  That, or gold coins or ounces of either.

Let me know if any of you have done this and the result so far.  I am dense when it comes to financial planning.