Visiting with Abby

As I said in my last post, we headed to Abby's to give her her birthday card a few days late.  Aiden was in a little bouncy toy playing with the toys attached.  Mikayla was asleep on Abby's bed.  So we played with Aiden until Mikayla woke up.

He is such a bright eyed child, smiling most of the time.  He let Grandma check his two new teeth on the bottom.  I will say he has quite a bite, too.  Little squirt.  He rolls all over the place and now he gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.  He also does the start of the Army crawl.

Then Mikayla woke up!  She was so happy to see us, I just love it!  I gave her the new scarf I made as I had left over yarn.  She said, "I just love it!" as she put it on.  Then she noticed it didn't have fringe on it.  I think she'd rather have fringe, but, oh well.

Abby and Justin have new porcelain tile in front of their door now and it looks so nice.  I think they need a wooden gazebo out back and then their place will be perfect.

We stayed while Abby gave Aiden a bath and boy did he tinkle in the tub (over and over).  I couldn't believe he could hold that much liquid in him.  What a riot.  Well, until next time.