The Finished Result Was....

beautiful.  Please read the post below this first.  Abby's living room looks so fine, I couldn't believe it.  When Josh started rolling paint on the south wall (I think), I didn't think I'd like the color.  After it dried, it was really fantastic. 

Their colors were like a medium tan and a richer darker one.  Not something I'd pick out until I saw the results.  Then, I could see using those colors real easy.  Their carpet had both colors in it and it will really be the icing on the cake.  They are having it installed Tuesday.

Then, little Aiden can roll and crawl around all over the place to his heart's delight.  He has such a sweet smile.  Steve picked him up and talked to him (and made his duck voice, which I'm not sure Aiden enjoys that like the other kids did).  He really loves his grandkids.  It's fun to watch him with them.

Steve wants to get into his own business someday.  I would like that, too, we just don't know what we want to do yet.  I could imagine setting up our business in one room and sell things online.  Of course, we'd need some equipment from star micronics.  Then we'd be ready to go.  The question is 'What are we going to have as our business?'

Well, time will tell.  If you have any great ideas, leave a comment.