It Finally Arrived

As you probably know, I've started making my grandchildren afghans.  My Mom made afghans but she never made any for my brother, sisters, or myself, that I know of.  I've already made them for my four kids.

Since Taylor is my oldest grandchild, I asked what colors she wanted.  Purple and gold, the colors of Waukee Schools.  I had her look at them online and again asked if that's what she wanted, "Yep", she said.  So that was the first one made.  When the yarn finally arrived, I was in shock.  Very bright colors.

When I finished hers, I still had a lot of yarn left over and the packages were open so I couldn't send them back.  Heather solved that dilemma for me by telling me Katiana wanted one  in the same colors.  Since she goes to Waukee, too, the problem was solved.

Jordan chose camouflage, and while I waited for his yarn to arrive, I started Kat's since I had yarn to start it.  I had hers half done by the time Jordan's yarn came.  I had ordered more purple and gold with his so while waiting for Sydney's yarn, I finished Kat's.

Since I had one purple and one gold skein left, I made Heather a purple scarf (her favorite color), Taylor a purple and gold one (every 2 rows switching color), and Kat a purple and gold one (mostly gold with purple in the middle).  While waiting for Syd's colors to arrive, I made Mikayla and Cambria a pink scarf with a leftover skein from Abby's afghan.

Sydney chose red and black, which happens to be the colors of her school (Adel, DeSoto, Minburn).  Her yarn arrived two days ago and so I'm back to making an afghan.  I am so excited to get this one going, but I'm happy to be crocheting again.

I almost hate to ask for favorite colors when they are this young as they're probably the only afghans I'll make each of them for their lifetime.  Oh, well, at least with school colors, they'll always remember why they chose those colors.

This all brings me back to watching my mom crochet in the living room.  She was either doing that or reading.  Which makes me think about sitting in her kitchen where she had one of those 2 step stools that I'd sit my youngest on and tie a dish cloth around them (this one had a back) so they could eat.  And, she always had yummy food.

My kids tell me that I make their favorite foods, but, my Mom made the best chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes with corn on the side (which we'd mix in the potatoes).  OK, now I'm getting hungry.  Gotta take a break :)