I'm a Winner

We left Abby's and drove to Walmart, got some groceries, drove to HyVee and got the rest.  As we were walking out, I told Steve I'd meet him in the car as I needed to buy a Powerball.

They have one of those self-check things there so I slid my first ticket across:  You're a Winner - $12.  I slid my second ticket across:  You're a Winner - $40.  I made such a sound at that, the girl behind the counter asked what I'd won.  I had to laugh as she thought I'd won a big one.  No, I'd make more noise if it was that.

I slid the third ticket across:  Sorry, not a winner.  OK, that's my normal response.

I've told Abby and Heather about it but it's too late to call Jackie.  She'd get a kick out of the story.  They have an above the ground pool in their back yard (Prattville, AL).  I wonder if it has one of those a.o. smith motors.  I don't think they swim in the winter but I'll bet some days it's warm enough out.

They will be coming to Iowa in August (her class reunion, I think).  I can hardly wait!