Happy Birthday

Well, another birthday has come and gone. All of my kids and grandkids were over for the afternoon and evening, it was a wonderful day. My sister, Jackie, (from Alabama) called. She may have the Shingles. As if she hasn't had enough problems. Shingles is like Chicken Pox only it happens in adults. Ugh!

Shelley brought her yummy potatoe salad, Abby brought Broken Glass Salad, Heather brought chips and dip, and Angie brought pickles with cream cheese and a deli meat wrapped around it. Steve grilled around 30 hamburgers and a pack of hot dogs. After he turned off the grill, something caught fire and flames shot high in the air. Almost all of the hamburgers were charred from the smoke. Actually, my hamburger was really good, but Steve wants to throw the rest away.

The grandkids were loud, as usual, normal for our clan. Carter walked around and jabbered. Normally, he clings to Josh and Shelley. Jadah talked a blue streak. She finally showed everyone how clearly she talks and how smart she is. Alyce was her normal self, attached to her Mom's side at all times. It won't be long, I think, before she'll start showing independence again. There was a hard time when Jordan had his feelings hurt. My heart just breaks when they are hurting. Taylor and Sydney get along grand due in part, I think, because they see each other a lot more than the other cousins. Katiana flitted from one cousin to another getting along with all of them.

Josh and Shelley stayed after everyone else went home. They will be leaving next Thursday for Florida (Orlando area). They bought new luggage yesterday and are all set to go. I'm excited for them. It's in the 90's down there right now (Sweet!). That's it on the Manning front for now. All of you Mothers have a great Mother's Day! Halfmoon

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