High Hopes

Steve and I made a flying trip into Des Moines today to get much needed groceries at Walmart. I put the trip off as long as I could. Originally we were going to go shopping Monday but since I had the nerve block planned and he was already going to be late going to work because of me, I told him we could make it a day or two longer.

Today we absolutely needed Kleenex, milk, and a few other items. Steve wanted to hurry so he could take a nap before heading in for the night's work. When we arrived home, I heated up the creamed dried beef over rice and we had a quick bite to eat. He then tried to take a nap. He kept asking me questions (I'm in the dining room and he's in the bedroom). Finally, I asked if he was having trouble going to sleep.

He got back up and said he needed to check his powerball tickets. I said, "Didn't you want to sleep a while?" His response was, "If I won the powerball, I won't have to go to work." He slays me! No, neither of us won. But what if we had? Would he really stay home from work tonight?

I know I have all these plans in case we win the powerball, but what extras would he want? Would he want a plasma mount
to sit the huge tv we would get? I rarely watched tv when I went to school, but now it is becoming somewhat of a habit again.

I think new cars would definately be in order (after we build a new house, of course). What would you do if you won the big one? Halfmoon

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