Cellphone Blues

We recently discontinued our service with U S Cellular because we kept missing calls and messages until hours later than when they came in. My phone was a joke. I dropped my phone in the toilet accidentally and it never worked again. When I went in to get a replacement, they gave me this old, old phone that was big compared to the one I ruined. I hated the phone from day one and disliked it even more every time I missed a call.

When we drove from Hwy 6 up our road, there is a spot that always drops your call, so I always try to get off the phone before taking that route. We looked at other phone networks. Steve kept talking about Verizon. Forget it! We had it before our last network and I'd have to walk around the house to get enough towers to make a call. Sometimes, I'd have to walk outside for it.

We decided on Sprint. Driving up that road from Hwy 6 is a piece of cake. Never drops the call. Amazing. Plus, with Abby and Heather on the Sprint plan, we should never go over our minutes. There's just one problem. Lately, when driving in places where normally we never have problems, the phone tells you there's no service. Well, great! I'm in Des Moines, just north of Hickman and there's no service?  I'm about at the end of my rope. Any suggestions? Halfmoon

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