I've Lost Weight

Ok, I have been on this kick to lose weight without dieting, just watching what I eat, etc. After going down three pounds, I usually eat something stupid (like pizza) and go back up. My life is like a yo-yo.

Yesterday I hit the five pound (down) mark which I haven't seen in years. I got so excited I ran in to the living room and proclaimed it to Steve. You have to know that Steve goes up and down approximately four pounds from the weight he was when we got married. I'd gotten to the point that I didn't want to hear what he weighed. I've been battling more than 50 pounds above what I was when we got married. With the herniated and bulging disks that I have, I can't exercise like a normal person would. Water therapy is the best I can do.

I received the results of the hip xray and labs for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Negative on both, I am happy to say. All that worrying for nothing. Back to my weight. I've read about Fenphedra which speeds up your metabolism and suppresses your hunger. I don't know if the doctor will approve it for me as I am on a med to slow my heart rate. I think I will ask the doctor...in about a week...after I see if I continue to go down pound-wise on my own. Time will tell. Have a Happy Memorial Day! Halfmoon

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