Morel Mushroom Delight

We had gone to a graduation party for Steve's great-nephew in the afternoon. After attending our Saturday evening church service, we drove home, then sat outside discussing our garden venture.

Realizing we weren't very hungry, but still needed a little something, I remembered what was waiting in the refrigerator. All right! Tonight was the night for frying up the mushrooms! When Steve came into the house I mentioned it to him. He wasn't really looking forward to frying them up.

I told him I would get him ready. I took off my Mom's mother's ring which is a unique piece of designer jewelry, created in the shape of a tree. I then got the eggs whipped in one bowl, flour in a pie tin, and two sticks of butter in the skillet and told Steve he was all set. By then he had the mushrooms rinsed and draining on paper towels.

I proceeded to work on my laptop and before I knew it, the mushrooms were ready!!! And they were yummy! I think I ate too many, but I am definately not hungry any more. Halfmoon

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