What a Hoot!

On Memorial Day Abby brought over two DVDs to watch. We watched one that day while we were eating. They are both Jeff Dunham acts and are hilarious. He is a ventriloquist, for those who haven't seen him I would suggest getting his DVDs. Talk about laughing!

Today I took the second one over to Joshua's to watch it with him. I thought I had seen it, but they are even funnier the second time. Turns out, I had only seen about 10 minutes of it (or less) on the internet.

We accidently played the unbleeped version which was pretty bad (but funny). Taylor was watching it with us and at one point she asked me what they meant. I turned to Jay and said "Do you want to explain that to her?" His reply was "Not really!" So I said, "Tay, it's not very nice and you need to not say any of the bad words in this show at school, ok?"

She's a pretty smart kid. When she had a science project, she made a foil replica of the soldiers who planted the American flag to proclaim we were still there, claiming victory. I'm still not sure how she did it. Something about wrapping Ken dolls with fabric, tying it with string, coating it with something, and when it dried taking it apart, removing the dolls and covering the fabric with foil? I don't know, but it was wonderful! I'll bet she got an A. Ok, now I'm bragging.

Back to the show....a couple times I was laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom so I wouldn't wet myself. Add to that two cats running around and three birds in a cage not far from where I sat...I sneezed a lot needless to say.

Poor Taylor, I asked her if she would take the cat from her lap so I could quit sneezing and she stood up, the cat sunk two of its claws into her leg. I know it hurt, the punctures looked deep. Josh came to the rescue with Peroxide, Neosporin Plus, and Bandaids. He's a pretty good dad. He watches Tay and Carter every night that Shelley works.

Carter did really well tonight once he realized Daddy wasn't leaving him with Grandma. He even danced with me for a while (as much as I could dance) to the tune in his Daddy's birthday card. I had picked it up and was dancing with it, which immediately got his attention because he considers that card his. What a Hoot!

After the show was finished (and we had popcorn), I drove home for the rest of the evening alone. I keep thinking about what Steve said we would need to do if we have new foundation put in. This would involve contacting mortgage lenders due to the cost involved. Apparently the roof isn't as expensive. Well, as I usually say, time will tell. Halfmoon

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