Two Blocks For Me

Had my latest appointment at the Pain Control Center yesterday! It's amazing, I made the appointment so far in advance I was able to get a 4:00 appointment! Since Steve gets off work at 3:30 and I check in a half hour in advance, he wouldn't need to be there until 4:30 to pick me up. (I cannot drive after having nerve block injections in the spine.)

Friday at the end of the day, Steve's boss let him know he'd start working nights Monday (yesterday) at 5 pm. Great! So he called his boss back Monday morning and said he would have to be late as he had to drive me in and back. I love that guy!

Back to the appointment. They always ask you where the pain is the worst. When I walk, it is the right side; but, when I sit, it is the left side. What to do? The doctor decided to do both sides which is unheard of. Imagine having pain relief in both areas! I couldn't, and actually, so far I have relief off and on. I'm hoping it kicks in pretty soon! Tomorrow I get to go see a head doctor (not sure if it is a psychologist or psychiatrist) for Worker's Comp. Can't wait. I'll be glad when this is all over, won't you? Halfmoon

P.S. Heather, about Father's Day -- how about Circuit City coupons??? Mom

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