Steve and I went to Menards today to check out railroad ties for my little garden. I guess I shouldn't say little, it will be 8' x 8', which isn't huge but will be a lot to keep weeded in my condition. Steve had a suggestion, "Why don't we place the garden around the bird feeder? That way we could put it in the shape of a triangle instead of a square and wouldn't be as large.

When we got home he showed me where he was picturing the garden. He was thinking we wouldn't need as much dirt as the ground is raised in that area. Once we looked at the area, we decided to go back to the square to the north of the house.

We also need new foundation on the old portion of our house and a new roof. Now we are talking big money. Finally, we need new siding on the house and on the building to the north of our driveway. Something we desire, but is not a priority, is a porch addition with a deck around the house. The sidewalks need replaced, the list goes on and on.

Placing priorities on all of the projects, the garden will be done first (so we can enjoy it the whole summer). Second to be done will be the foundation, and third, the roof. While we were in Alabama for the ball, we saw homes with metal roofing. They were in a variety of colors and were really beautiful.

While Steve would like to hire all this work out, I'm afraid that won't be the case. As we made the list of priorities, I mentioned, "We're never going to move out of here are we?" I really want to get off of this gravel road, closer to West Des Moines, and have a house with an attached garage!!! Dreaming again...Halfmoon

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