Favorite Things

As I was walking from the Arthritis class (and whirlpool) to the parking garage, I noticed I was able to walk almost to the car without the severe pain that makes me stop for a break. Hurray! That is a milestone. I decided to think about things that make me smile to get the rest of the way to the car.

Some of my favorite things are any type of moons, elephants, or angels to add to my collections, Cadillac grills, campfires in my backyard with my family, vacations, crocheting, and eating at the Outback!

Of course, by then I was in my car and heading home. Some day I will have a nice cabinet with glass doors to show off all of my collectibles. I'm home now and am glad I went to the class. I have more movement with less pain. Warm water is wonderful! Halfmoon

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