Sleepy Sunday

We didn't get around to leave for church until 10:10 which meant we'd be late for Point of Grace. Deciding then to go to Lutheran Church of Hope we had 40 minutes to get there. For some reason, the last two times we've been there I became so sleepy it was very hard to keep my eyes open.

Both services had one of the female preachers giving the service. Actually, the information she gleaned from the Bible was really interesting. It was just when she talked about the verses she seemed to go on and on. At one point I felt like writing Steve a note saying "Let's go now" but I stuck it out.

Just when I thought the service was over the pastor put a clip on the overhead. She told us it summed up being a mother. It was the clip with the mother who sang everything a mother says to her child in one day to the music of the Lone Ranger. It was hilarious. I had seen her sing it before but couldn't always understand the words. The church had the words going next to her singing. It was great. Then the service was over!

Steve took me to the Outback for lunch and we picked up a DVD to watch later. I thought maybe we would make plans for the garden and I could perform corporate performance management while Steve did all the work. (TeeHee)

By the time we were home, we both were both so sleepy we just layed down and took a nap. Happy Mothers day! Halfmoon

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