More Tests (Blech!)

Today I went to Mercy for the arthritis class which helps those of us with back, knee, neck, or any type of joint problem, gain or keep movement. The teacher today really kept the pace going so the class was over before I knew it. After the class I go into the whirlpool which is magnificently hot and wonderful.

After relaxing, since I was at Mercy I decided to go to the Radiology and Lab departments to get xrays and bloodwork done. The Pain Control Center left me a voicemail that orders were sent to have my hips xrayed and blood drawn to confirm or rule out rheumatoid arthritis (RA). I am hoping that comes back negative. The Lord knows I have enough problems without having that sentence hanging over my head.

The trip to the parking area was pretty painful. I stopped four times to ease the pain in my hip joints. Two different women (good samaritins) stopped and asked if I needed help. The last one offered to get a wheelchair for me. After she walked away, tears came to my eyes. The thought of possibly having RA hit me pretty hard. When I was finally in my car, I noticed how dreary it was outside. It had rained hard when I was driving to Des Moines. Now it's just icky out. Makes a person wonder if it's not time to take a trip to Hilton Head rental to lay on the beach. Sunny skies would be nice for a change! That always brightens everyone's day and just thinking about it made me smile! Halfmoon

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