Mushroom Hunting

Yesterday Steve and I went to my best friend, Linda's, house while it was still light out. Linda told me last year a guy found tons of mushrooms in the woods behind their land. She said Steve could look for mushrooms there, that's all the invitation it took.

While Steve walked through the wooded area, Linda and I sat for a visit. Linda was the nurse in my doctor's office. I met her when I was pregnant with Abby. She used to come over once or twice a week and we'd play Nertz (which is similar to double solitaire). When I delivered Abby, Linda was with Steve and I. By then she was my best friend. Abby thinks of Linda as a second mother.

Back to mushroom hunting. Steve called after 30 minutes reporting no sightings of mushrooms. What he did find was animal tracks and an animal graveyard. There were several skulls with fangs which he hoped were from coyotes. If I had come upon the graveyard, you would probably have to put me in drug rehab.

A half hour later Steve called it quits after telling me he should have brought a decoy mushroom with him so the mushrooms would show themselves! He slays me. What a guy. By then Linda and I were just starting to watch American Idol. I had to rush home to watch the remainder of the show. I wasn't surprised to see who was kicked off this week. Another enjoyable evening. Hope you had one too! HalfmoonUse Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item