Memorial Day

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know Memorial Day is to honor the loved ones who have passed on, but any long weekend is an excuse for us to get our kids and grandkids out to our house for a get together.

This year we had deli sandwiches as the main part of our meal and thus no grilling involved. Since our grill charred the hamburgers the last two times we used it, grilling was out of the picture. We had a lot more time enjoying each other that way.

Pato is back in town and everyone in Heather's family were super happy. Especially, little Alyce! The smile on her face was wonderful, but the glow in her eyes made everyone smile. For once (in quite some time) Heather didn't wear Alyce as an appendage on her body! She was pretty happy, too, about that.

News on that front. Pato's aunt and uncle offered to sell their house to Heather and Pato with no interest and they would pay them directly (so no loan). The house, of course, is in Ohio. Another uncle will give him half ownership of his restaurant (at no cost). Heather is torn. They would finally have a place big enough for their family. The kicker, is that they would move across the country again. Man.

From the sound of it, they would be able to affford to visit whenever Jordan is out of school. I want what is best for her family, but it will hurt to have them so far away. Makes me want to take a trip to one of the reno hotels just to vent my frustration.

Time will tell what their decision will be. I wonder if there are any RCI timeshares in Ohio near where they will live? Halfmoon

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