Fibro Myalgia

I thought I was having recurring bouts of Mono. I hurt everywhere, but when I asked my husband to massage my legs, it killed me when he touched them. At the time, I was in rehabilitation for having 5 herniated disks in my back and a bulging disk in my neck (from a car accident). I finally asked my doctor to refer me to a pain control center.

He actually sent me to a physician that managed pain through medicine (which is not what I meant) but the doctor diagnosed me with fibro myalgia after testing me. He pressed on 18 points of my body to see the sensitivity to pain. He also asked me if it hurt my eyes to drive at night (which it did). He diagnosed me with fibro myalgia.

It was great to know what was causing me to have pain everywhere (muscles, joints, skin). I again asked the rehabilitation physician to send me to a physician who could give nerve blocks. The blocks helped my back but did nothing for the fibro myalgia.

At the advice from the pain control physician, I started going to warm water therapy. There were arthritis classes given a few times a day so I started going to them three times a week. After a month went by, I was able to stop wearing my tens unit (for the disk pain). It wasn't long after that that I noticed I wasn't having bouts of fibro myalgia any longer!!!!

As long as I go the the warm water classes 2 - 3 times a week and don't overdo it (walking, shopping, etc.), the fibro myalgia pain stays away. A lot of the people in the warm water classes told me it is common to get fibro myalgia after having an injury.

The doctor had told me exercise is the best thing for fibro myalgia. I thought, "You've got to be kidding, I hurt everywhere and you want me to exercise?" He was right, but I have to do it in warm water.

The classes are fun and go quickly (45 minutes) when you take your mind off the idea that you are exercising! I would encourage anyone to contact their local hospitals to see if they have any classes in warm water. It works for me! Halfmoon

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